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Radical Feminism and Whinging
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Candid photo of Lucifer and the angel he destroyed


Candid photo of Lucifer and the angel he destroyed

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Anonymous said: what are some popular games in Australia?


underage drinking 

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damn 50 minutes to download the nelly discography wth nelly

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Anonymous said: So I've been thinking about the term "cis" And I've studied chemistry,m; it's not like I'd never heard the term as a counterpoint to trans. What bothers me is the narrative that cis means you've never experienced body dysphoria. As a girl, I was sexually harassed over my developing body, and grew to loathe the body that seemed to bring this on My breasts felt foreign and in the way. I hated my period (actually, I don't know too many women who don't) so how does this fit the trans version?


This is an excellent point, and it’s a pretty great summary of what’s wrong with ‘cis’; it’s loaded with assumptions and insinuations about the people the label is slapped on.
Trans women miss a huge point when talking about ‘cis’ women’s struggles with body issues vs trans women’s dysphoria: Women are constantly shamed for their bodies as a matter of routine. Trans women may have bodies they don’t like, but male biological functions and body shapes are not consistently reviled, ridiculed, and claimed as property the way women’s and girls’ are. I think there’s no real comparison. Trans women who claim that there is are usually the same ones gaslighting women about how there’s no such thing as shared girlhood. It’s self-centered at best, and callous at worst.

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damn when i searched tumblr for Kimber i was expecting to see Kimber from Jem and the Holograms but instead transsexual porn galore…

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i think my favorite picture from tumblr is the one where a person is riding their bike and falls off of it and hurts themself and blames communism for it


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This “women aren’t killed for being cis they’re killed for being women!” line is such a load of horseshit.

It assumes that trans people are harmed “for being trans” as if the motivation behind violence against trans people is “their gender identity doesn’t match their biological sex! Get ‘em!”

and not, in the eyes of society:

"That man is degrading himself by performing femininity, we must bring him back in line to restore social order."


"That woman is trying to transgress her prescribed gender role designed to keep her in line, we must remind her of her place."

This is the problem with refusing to name the problem. This is the problem with not analyzing the causes of violence and the role of the gender hierarchy. You get so twisted up in trying to prove “cis women” are somehow protected and privileged by their “congruous gender identity” you can’t even accurately talk about the actions of the actual oppressors anymore.

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