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Please check my tagged/hymen before asking me hymen questions. I will most likely ignore you if you do.

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Posted on 31st Jul at 10:19 PM, with 3 notes

i have to wear my fringe like betty page now its so short and it really does not suit my face at all i look like a fucking horse my face is so long i am so upset if you couldnt tell im gonna sue the hairdresser

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feminism was built on the backs of lesbians and women of color and gnc women and now people have the fucking gall to act like they’re what’s wrong with the movement i hate everything

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Anonymous said: Okay but if these people are so concerned with male rape victims... why aren't they making posts for them? Why aren't they out there creating shelters and compiling resources and support networks? Why the fuck are us women-- who had to do all these things on our own-- being told to do it for them too when we've had absolutely no help from these people on our side of things. Maybe... because.. they...ha te woman? And they don't actually care about male victims unless it's to derail us? Hmm,,,


And because men are pathetic cry babies who can’t get anything done unless a woman does it for them

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some arsehole gave me the worst fringe trim of my life today i actually want to cry its so awful and so short and disgusting and then I got charged $10 for this fucking piece of shit

Posted on 30th Jul at 11:07 PM

I’ve stolen my Mums heater and she usually has a huge go at me when I do but she must have realized its gone after like 5 days and she hasn’t yelled at me yet lmao

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I think that if they make abortion illegal, they should make men deserting women who they got pregnant illegal as well. Because if a woman can’t back out of a pregnancy a man shouldn’t be able to either.

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