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gay boy: hey man you look good today
straight boy: oh my god man what the fuck i'm not a faggot, i'm pretty sure this is harassment
straight boy: [slaps girls' asses as they walk by] [asks them if they finger themselves] [pleads every girl to have anal sex]
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The Disturbing Sculptures of Dongwook

" Love Me Sweet"Arrario Gallery Seoul  samcheong, Korea 2012

Dongwook Lee’s works focus on the contradictions that are fundamentally inherent in human existence and life. Exquisitely hyper-realistic and surrealistically imagined renditions of his miniature human figures are staged in absurd situations in Lee’s works, in which the bleak everyday life transforms into poetic horror. In Lee’s work, a fragile warrior is wearing his own flesh as his armor, and the naked child stands with innocent face in front of blood-stained killing (which he might have committed). His oeuvre stands at an odd intersection of life and death, beauty and cruelty, civilization and wild, and reality and fantasy, unfolding a world of fantasy where people are severed from reality.

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"Men celebrated our sexual liberation — our willingness to freely give and enjoy blow jobs and group sex, our willingness to experiment with anal penetration — but ultimately many males revolted when we stated that our bodies were territories that they could not occupy at will. Men who were ready for female sexual liberation if it meant free pussy, no strings attached, were rarely ready for feminist female sexual agency. This agency gave us the right to say yes to sex, but it also empowered us to say no."
— bell hooks, Communion: The Female Search for Love (via a-golden-lasso-of-my-own)
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I figured out a long time ago that my ex-boyfriends’ interest in feminism and in protecting the rights of women was always conditional. Any time we discussed feminism, which was often, there was a clear lack of understanding and comprehension on their side - but I persevered nonetheless, believing I would eventually discover some untapped source of empathy and a capacity to want to help. I never did find it. 

What I did find, however, was that the moment we broke up a very interesting thing would happen. Suddenly, women were “bitches” and “cunts” deserving of male wrath, and that the world was “unfairly prejudiced towards men”. I found that their interest in feminism had suddenly evaporated, very coincidentally along with my presence in their life, and that in its place was a raw animosity towards women that frightened me to my core. 

It was only then that I realized that their interest and belief in the liberation of women had very little to do with a genuine concern for women’s safety, and everything to do with our romantic life. They wanted to please me and placate me by pretending that they actually cared about women, when in fact all they cared about was me - or at least, the access they had to my body. They knew I would no longer want to be involved with them if they did not support feminism, and god forbid if they were an anti-feminist. They showed their true colours when they realized that the possibility of us ever being together again was non-existent. 

There are certainly men in existence who genuinely care very deeply for women and unfailingly support and understand the important of feminism, but they are very few and very far between. Please remember that the majority of men do not care, and that their seemingly steadfast support for women is more than likely contingent upon their ability to gain access to you and other women’s bodies. 

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