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"Don’t be defined by your condition" often seems to mean "pretend your condition doesn’t shape your life or else".

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please stop romanticizing skeleton hell

um… no?

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Please stop calling Synthia China Blast a trans girl even if you are speaking against him

He never had to deal with girlhood, he never was socialized as a girl, and he will never know what it means to grow up girl

Being a girl, especially a black girl, comes with the threat of exactly what Luis Morales did to his victim, Ebony Nicole Williams

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"if you don’t want equality what do you fucking want?!?!?" It’s so hard for men to wrap their minds around why anyone would not want to be like them as a class. I don’t want to have equal rape and murder rates with men, I don’t want to have more male strip clubs, or male prostitutes, I don’t want to be the exploitative pieces of shit that they are. 

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The prison-industrial complex is just a myth…right?


The prison-industrial complex is just a myth…right?

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people assume ‘critical’ is a synonym for negativity, but in sociology we actually refer to theorists like Marx as an ‘optimist’ because he believed the world could change and even had a plan for how to achieve it. uncritical people are considered pessimists because they don’t analyse what can be changed and how to do it. whether or not you agree with critical people, don’t suddenly assume they’re negative pessimists. it’s FAR from the truth.

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Just so we’re clear about this: consent doesn’t make it okay.

I’ll repeat that. Consent does not make sexual violence okay.

To illustrate this point, let me tell you a little story about a man named Armin Meiwes. Mr. Meiwes, a German man, has some peculiar interests. That is to say, Armin Meiwes has a sexual fetish for cannibalism.

In the early 2000s, Armin Meiwes posted an ad on a cannibal fetish website, seeking a “young, fit male, 18-30 years old, to be slaughtered and then consumed.” A man named Bernd Jürgen Armando Brandes answered the ad. As far as anyone can tell, Brandes was an otherwise normal man in a healthy state of mind when he consented to be murdered and eaten.

On March 9, 2001, Meiwes and Brandes got together to act out their fantasies. After attempts to bite off Brandes’ penis proved too difficult, Meiwes amputated Brandes’ penis with a knife and sauteed it with oil and spices. They tried to eat it together while Brandes bled out in the bathtub. After Brandes lost consciousness, Meiwes slaughtered him like an animal, kept his body parts in the freezer, and “ate parts of him for the next ten months.”

Meiwes, as you may have guessed, is doing life in prison on a murder charge. But why? After all, Brandes consented to the whole thing. He volunteered. Theoretically, Brandes was enjoying the situation as much as Meiwes. If consent makes violence okay, why is Armin Meiwes in prison?

Kinksters, this is the logical conclusion to your reasoning. By your logic, Armin Meiwes was falsely imprisoned, martyred, even, by the vanilla oppressors. Instead of being locked up, he should be out teaching classes on how to practice cannibalism the RACK way! 

After all, he’s not dangerous. He only slaughters and eats people who consent. What he does in the privacy of his own home is nobody’s business, right?

Wrong. This example is extreme, but the facts remain that what you do IN the bedroom has consequences OUT of the bedroom. Abuse is abuse, and murder is murder, no matter how much leather you dress it up in. Violence doesn’t stop being violence just because you consent to it.

Of course, you’re still welcome to believe that consent is the end of the conversation. Just know that Armin Meiwes, the Rotenburg Cannibal, agrees with you. 

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femininity is a social construct built and upheld by corporations who want you to think they’re empowering you by selling you lipstick.

babies are not born wanting to buy lipstick. it’s something they’re taught.

gender started out as an invention to oppress women and keep men on top and now it’s being upheld in modern activism because someone somewhere along the line realized they could profit from it.

wake the fuck up and start thinking for yourself.

Modern femininity is most definitely upheld by corporations, but please remember that femininity and feminine performance have always been the mechanism by which gender roles subordinate women: corsets, hoop skirts, bustles, farthingales, lead makeup, towering wigs, foot binding, soft slippers and later high heels, and on and on through every beauty practice that ranged from impractical to physically damaging to straight-up lethal were designed to keep women immobile, slow, and docile.

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Marxist, anarchist, socialist, etc. men are only against oppression until you take their porn and strip clubs away

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feminism is the radical notion that women are THE SECRET OVERLORDS TO AN ANCIENT LIZARD DYNASTY

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